How to Make a Deal With a Car Dealer

Car dealerships have a bad reputation, but they serve their purpose. They are there to help you get the best deal on a car, and if you know how to navigate through them properly, they can be an awesome resource. The first thing to do when making a deal with a car dealer is call ahead and ask for their best price on the model you want. Then, bring along someone who knows about cars so that they can help negotiate on your behalf (as long as they aren’t so nice that they give in too easily). If possible, try finding out what other customers have paid for similar models nearby so that you know what kind of range your offer should fall into (e.g., $18K-$21K). After that comes getting credit approval from auto financing companies like Capital One Auto Finance or Santander Bank – these will tell you how much down payment money is required as well as how much interest rate will be charged per month for financing options available at this moment (this will also depend on whether it’s done through dealer itself or not).”

Bring a friend

The best way to make a deal with a car dealer is to bring a friend who knows about cars and car dealerships. Your friend should be someone who will be honest with you, support you, and help the process go smoothly.

Make a list of the car’s features you want and be prepared to make concessions.

Making a list of the car’s features you want and being prepared to make concessions is an important step in negotiating with a dealer. If you are willing to drive a different car for the same monthly payment, this is an example of a concession that can be made. If you know … Continue reading >>>>