How To Buy A Cheap Car

It’s no secret that buying a car is an expensive endeavor. The average new car costs more than $34,000, while used cars are often just as pricey due to the high demand. However, it’s possible to find cheap cars if you’re willing to put some work into your search. In this guide we’ll discuss how to find a good deal on any budget, from compact sedans all the way up to SUVs and trucks!

Decide what you want in a car.

Before you start shopping for a used car, it’s important that you know what kind of vehicle will best suit your needs. If you’re only going to be driving around town and need something small, then buying an SUV might not be the best choice. Likewise, if your commute involves highway miles every day and gas prices are skyrocketing (as they have been recently), then a fuel-efficient hybrid may make more sense than a gas guzzler with poor mileage.

A good rule of thumb is to decide on one basic type of vehicle before looking at specific models within that grouping–such as “I want an SUV” or “I want an economy car.” Once this decision has been made, go ahead and do some research into different makes and models within those categories so that when it comes time for shopping there aren’t any surprises waiting for us in terms of price tags or features offered by each model we consider buying

Consider your budget.

  • Be realistic about your budget.
  • Don’t overspend.
  • Don’t go into debt.

This is a common mistake for people who are buying their first car, but it’s also something that can happen to anybody at any time in life–you get excited about a new purchase and forget how much money you have to spend on it! … Continue reading >>>>

Disrupting The Car Industry

The auto industry has been experiencing a lot of change recently. Cars are becoming more connected and easier to drive, while also getting more efficient and less expensive to maintain. Traditional manufacturers are not the only ones driving these changes; Silicon Valley is playing a major role as well. As millennials become the largest demographic in the country, it’s likely that their preferences will continue to disrupt the car industry even more in coming years.

The auto industry is in transformation

The auto industry is in transformation. It’s not the same as it was 10 years ago, and it won’t be the same in five years. The current state of affairs is one of disruption and change–and that’s a good thing.

Millennials are changing the face of car buying

Millennials are looking for a different experience. They want to be involved in the process and buy a car that has been customized for them, rather than just picking out one from a showroom floor.

In fact, millennials are more interested in the experience of buying a car than they are with actually owning one. They’re willing to pay extra money if it means that they can have an exciting time picking out their new ride (and maybe also learn something about themselves along the way).

Electric cars are coming, with or without government mandates

It’s no secret that the electric car is coming, whether or not government mandates make it so. Electric cars are more efficient than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, and they’re getting cheaper every year. You can choose from a variety of different models with different ranges and features, including some fun ones like Tesla’s Model S P100D which can go from 0 to 60mph in 2.5 seconds!

Electric cars aren’t just good for the environment–they’re also great … Continue reading >>>>

New Cars For The Summer

The summer is here and that means you need a new car. Whether you’re looking for something sporty and fun or practical and roomy, there’s an option out there for you. Here are a few cars that will be great for the summer:

Buick Envision

The Envision is a compact SUV, which means it’s roomy enough for families but not as bulky as other SUVs. It has excellent safety ratings and an infotainment system that can connect to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth or USB ports. The ride quality is smooth, even on bumpy roads, thanks to its independent rear suspension system. And if you’re looking for something with good fuel economy (especially if you have long commutes), then this vehicle may be right up your alley!

Audi Q2

The Audi Q2 is a compact SUV that comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and six-speed automatic transmission. It’s available in three different trims: Premium Plus, Prestige and Progressive. The base price of the Premium Plus model starts at $33,900; if you want all the bells and whistles, you’ll need to shell out an extra $3k for it.

Lexus UX

Lexus’ new UX is a compact SUV that’s Lexus’ first compact SUV. It comes with a hybrid powertrain, which makes it Lexus’ first hybrid SUV. The starting price for the UX is $35,000, but if you want all-wheel drive or any other options, it’ll cost more money to get them.

Infiniti QX30

The Infiniti QX30 is a compact luxury SUV that looks good, drives well and offers lots of features. If you need a new car that can handle all kinds of driving conditions while still being comfortable enough for everyday use, this could be the right choice for you.

The Infiniti QX30 is available with two engine options: a … Continue reading >>>>

How to Make a Deal With a Car Dealer

Car dealerships have a bad reputation, but they serve their purpose. They are there to help you get the best deal on a car, and if you know how to navigate through them properly, they can be an awesome resource. The first thing to do when making a deal with a car dealer is call ahead and ask for their best price on the model you want. Then, bring along someone who knows about cars so that they can help negotiate on your behalf (as long as they aren’t so nice that they give in too easily). If possible, try finding out what other customers have paid for similar models nearby so that you know what kind of range your offer should fall into (e.g., $18K-$21K). After that comes getting credit approval from auto financing companies like Capital One Auto Finance or Santander Bank – these will tell you how much down payment money is required as well as how much interest rate will be charged per month for financing options available at this moment (this will also depend on whether it’s done through dealer itself or not).”

Bring a friend

The best way to make a deal with a car dealer is to bring a friend who knows about cars and car dealerships. Your friend should be someone who will be honest with you, support you, and help the process go smoothly.

Make a list of the car’s features you want and be prepared to make concessions.

Making a list of the car’s features you want and being prepared to make concessions is an important step in negotiating with a dealer. If you are willing to drive a different car for the same monthly payment, this is an example of a concession that can be made. If you know … Continue reading >>>>

How To Safely Buy A Used Car

Buying a used car can be a great way to get more for your money. Just make sure that you’re doing it safely and smartly, so that you’re not buying a lemon or getting ripped off by the dealer.

Research your purchase.

Before you make your purchase, research the make and model of car you want. Researching the vehicle will give you an idea of how much it costs and what problems it may have.

Next, research the dealer. Find out if there are any complaints about them online or in local newspapers. You should also ask friends who have purchased cars from them before if they were satisfied with their experience at this dealership.

Next up: research where your new ride is located so that if there are any issues with it later on down the line (like rust), then these can be caught early on before they become more expensive to fix later on down the line! Lastly–and perhaps most importantly–find out whether or not there are any reported problems related specifically with this particular model/year combination over others within its category; this way when asking questions regarding cost versus value after purchasing one’s first used vehicle (or second…or third) one knows exactly why certain models might cost more than others while still remaining within budget constraints.”

Know what you want and need.

Before you even start looking at cars, it’s important to know what you want and need. Do you want a hatchback? A truck? A hybrid? Knowing what features are important to you will help narrow down the options and make it easier for dealerships to show cars that fit within your budget and preferences.

Know Your Budget: This is probably one of the most important things when buying a used car because if there’s one … Continue reading >>>>