Automotive and Transportation Email Marketing Strategies

Automotive and Transportation Email Marketing Strategies

Automotive and Transportation Email Marketing Strategies

You recently opened a limousine rental service targeted at tourists and others who want to enjoy a ride driven by a luxury driver at a special event. Your biggest problem is that business jumps at certain times of the year (college graduation, wedding season, etc.) and experiences pauses throughout the year.

This strategy will help you stabilize your business throughout the year and keep money coming in even during traditional slowdown periods.

Who is your customer

Be it college graduation, prom night, wedding day, or travel day, your customers are usually luxury seekers. He prefers to go around in style, but is only able to do it on special occasions. To overcome this, you must focus on customers who can afford to pay for limousine rent every day. Therefore your target profile must be a large corporate company that has a head office around your service. This way you can ensure business throughout the year by becoming the vendor of choice for the company’s board of directors and other staff entitled to luxury cars.

What is the best thing you can do for that customer?

Corporate offices expect the best in terms of service from their vendors and are willing to pay a little extra to get it. Offer a special car and driver for each company that signs an annual contract. Offering added value benefits to retain these customers by guaranteeing them additional cars within the one hour notification period and so on.

How will you do it?

Make sure you have a new large enough limousine and professional driver. If needed, you can enter sub-contracts with other limousine rental services around you to cover excess demand. Create a database of all offices within a specified radius of your rental office.

Invite them, via email, to join your Privilege Club customers who are entitled to special benefits when they sign up for a semi-annual or annual contract. Provide incentives for such deals not only at discounted prices but more through value-added services such as special cars and drivers.

Don’t forget to say thank you

Every new Privilege Club member gets an email of thanks and gifts. Also include a link to the survey with the following suggested questions and your other questions.

What are your company’s daily luxury car needs?

Are these requirements fixed or flexible? Are there times in the year when the can predict a surge in needs? What are the key factors that determine their choices for car vendors – service, price, availability, new fleet, etc.?

When communicating with your members

To maintain contact, send e-mail bulletins every month or three months. Use the bulletin to let them know about special offers for employees and one-time recruitment and upgrading of your fleet or service.

Of course you also have to contact them one month before the expiration of their contract urging them to renew it. If you don’t hear from them, send a follow-up email one and two weeks after your initial letter.

How do you measure success?

Do quarterly surveys from your existing customer database to assess their level of satisfaction in various service and price parameters.

Build Build Build. Measure new and past corporate partners each month and compare numbers and changes with similar periods over the past few years. The more people who register for the annual Privilege Club membership, your business will be more stable!

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